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Come to our Body Slimming Clinic Pretoria and get the best advice about creams, weight loss pills and tablets on slimming that belly, prepping that 6-pack for bikini time or pick up some muscle on those bones. Why exercise when you can smear on some cream or take one tablet and move on with your life? No matter how disappointed you are with your current body, Wits Clinic‘s body slimming creams, pills and tablets will help you be photo-fit in only a few days! Try it today!

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Our Creams/gels, pills and tablets are indicative in such a way that these products are made up of only natural ingredients – a few of them being paraffin oil, sorbitol, menthol, spirulina etc. All these ingredients work in tandem to help you burn fat deposits in problem areas such as hips, buttocks and thighs. If you wish to reduce weight in other parts of the body, rub in a generous amount of the gel. Then, wrap up the area with a plastic cover. You will be amazed to see the results. Take one step ahead to read upon the reviews of these products on various portals. And, you will be surprised to know that our creams, pills and tablets have been voted up by over 300 happy customers on

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Take steps today to finally get your body back. You will be amazed at how easy this diet is to maintain.  Unlike most other diet protocols that involve low calorie intake you will not experience any of the following symptoms:

  •  No headaches
  •  No tiredness and irritability
  •  Use any shampoos and creams you choose
  •  No exercise is required
  •  No expensive foods required

We will be happy to receive you today at our body slimming clinic in Pretoria, Johannesburg so that we can be able to help you look great and super-sexy

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Health Benefits of Losing Weight If you’re overweight or obese, losing weight can reduce your risk of some potentially serious health problems. Most people who need to lose weight can get health benefits from losing even a small amount – about 5% – of their weight if they keep it off.

Benefits of Weight Loss

anti cellulite

Besides getting the body you want, losing weight can also improve your health, career, and wallet, too!

The physical benefits of losing weight “If you don’t have your health it’s very hard to have anything else, or appreciate anything else so to speak. If you’re ill it doesn’t really matter how much money you’ve got because you won’t appreciate it because you’re ill”. There are definite health benefits that overweight or obese people can gain from losing some weight.

Health problems linked to being overweight


If you’re overweight or obese, you have a higher risk of:

  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • type 2 diabetes
  • some types of cancer
  • osteoarthritis
  • back pain

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– reducing the chance of developing certain diseases.

The Staff at Wits Women Clinic found out the following about weight loss, this includes: • Having more energy

  • Sleeping better and waking up feeling rested and in a good mood
  • Improved ability to move and get around
  • Finding it easier to breathe
  • Improved immune system (ability to fight off illness

How do I know if I need to lose weight?

slim fast

You can find out if you’re overweight by calculating your body mass index (BMI). This shows whether you’re a healthy weight for your height. Work out your BMI with the BMI healthy weight calculator.

The size of your waist is also important. If it’s too large, your risk of health problems is higher. In brief the normal weight of a man should be 75 kg and the normal of weight of a woman should at least be 65 kg if you happen to excess that you have got to do something about your body.

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Reducing the risk of disease Conditions such as Type 2 diabetes are less likely to develop if an obese person loses 10% of their weight. Weight loss can also help if a person already has high blood pressure or Types 2 diabetes type 2 as a result of their weight. If a person is taking medication for these problems and loses weight, they should consult their doctor as they may need a smaller dose. Weight loss in overweight or obese people will also reduce the likelihood of having heart disease, stroke, or obesity-related cancers all of which can be life-threatening

  • To improve health
  • To improve chances of living a long and healthier life.

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